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This is a partial listing of the New York Postcards in my collection. (No Pictures- For those of you in a Hurry!) The list continues on the next page- If you'd like to SEE THE CARDS, just click on the menu at the top to go to the GALLERY pages! (Graphic Intensive, but WORTH THE WAIT!)

1.HIPPODROME, NYC(Postmarked 1923/ 1 cent stamp)Good tinted/ color picture showing corner view of whole building, part of elevated subway, horse-drawn cart and several people, but general condition of card is rough with tear in center.

2. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD STATION, NYC - (Never used Dates @1940) Excellent color/ tinted corner view of Station building with several cars and people in foreground. No border. Sharp and clean with vivid color.

3.INTERIOR, PENNSYLVANIA STATION, NYC(Postmarked 1946/ 1 cent stamp) Very good color/ tinted picture of busy commuting scene. Slight wear on two corners of card, but overall condition is fine!

4. GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL, NYC (Postmarked 1925/ 2 cent stamp and "Lets Go citizens Military Training Camps") Fine tinted/ somewhat washed-out color picture. View looking down on entire terminal building and surrounding area, fading off into horizon. Many tiny cars, people and trolleys. One corner chewed by cat, small tape residue discoloring on 1 inch of the left border.

5. EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, NYC(Never mailed- Dates from @1930) Very good color/ tinted picture card with no noticeable flaws.

6. CHRYSLER BUILDING, NYC -Card 1- (Never mailed but has 2 cent stamp-Dates from @1935) Good quality color/ tinted view from above street level. (Perhaps the 10th floor of adjoining building-) Orange border.

7. CHRYSLER BUILDING, NYC Card 2-(Never used- Dates from @1940) Very good aerial view showing Chrysler Bldg. and surrounding area plus river and bridge in the distance. Sharp color and detail.

8. CHRYLSER BUILDING AT NIGHT, NYC -(Never Used-Dates @ 1938) Excellent color/ tinted elevated view looking across at building and down to surrounding street scene. No flaws!

9. RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL, NYC Card 1-(Dated 1949/ 1 cent stamp) Very good color/ tinted showing side of building, marquee and street with several cars and people. Slight orange tinge overall.

10. RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL, NYC Card 2-(No date, but has 1 cent stamp/ uncancelled) Identical to Card 1 but without orange cast to coloring. Very good condition.

11. TIMES SQUARE, NYC /TIMES BUILDING (Postmarked 1923/ 1 cent stamp) Good color/ tinted view looking across and over Times Square with the Times Building as central focal point. (There is a TIMES sign near top of bldg. which was later removed in other cards.) Busy street scene with lots of cars, trolleys, tracks, people and stores. Some wear at corners and along left border. One bend in upper, left corner.

12. TIMES BUILDING, NYC -(Postmarked 1924/ 1 cent stamp and "Red Cross Roll Call- JOIN") Identical view to TIMES SQUARE card listed above but with flag in place of TIMES sign on building. Color is muted and closer to a sepia-tone. Overall very good card, but has small stain in upper, left corner/border area.

13. GLIMPSE OF LOWER NY AND BROOKLYN BRIDGE (Never used) Black and White PHOTO card. (End of bridge on NYC side not visible-) View from @ 1935. One barge heading under bridge with several more docked. No border. Very good condition without any flaws.

14. LOWER MANHATTAN SKYLINE AND BROOKLYN BRIDGE, NYC (Postmarked 1948/ 5 cent US air mail stamp) Very similar PHOTO view to above listed card, however both ends of the bridge are visible and the picture is TINTED blue. No border. Some wear at corners.

15. AQUARIUM, BATTERY PARK AT NIGHT, NYC (Never used Dates @1940) Very good tinted/ color card showing view of Park and Aquarium with elevated subway platform in foreground and river with a few ships and tugs in rear.

16. COLUMBUS CIRCLE AND CENTRAL PARK, NYC -(DOUBLE Postmarked 1948 (NY,TX) 1 cent stamp and "Build Your Future Wisely, Safely- US Savings Bonds") Good color/ tinted card with elevated view showing many cars, trolleys with tracks (2 in foreground!) and people. Slight, small bends on left corners, but otherwise fine. Great detail!

17. GRANTS TOMB AND PALISADES, NYC -(Never used Room for 1 cent stamp) Very good color/ tinted card with EARLY ( 1911) view including a few old cards, some people and a BI-PLANE! One small bend in upper, right corner and some wear on right side border.

18. GRANTS TOMB, NY -(Never used Dates @ 1920) Extra fine color/ tinted card with elevated view showing Tomb, street in front with lots of early cars, people and trolley plus river behind Tomb with several boats and landing dock to Tomb. Slight wear on corners, but overall sharp and clean!

19. HOTEL KNICKERBOCKER / 42ND AT Broadway, NYC -(Never sent/ Printed in Germany @1925) Good color/ tinted (vertical) card looking across at street corner and hotel as well as down on the intersecting streets in front. Shows 2 subway entrances and lots of old horse-drawn cart, trolley, cars and people! Some wear at edges and slight spotting at top left corner of picture where sky is seen. LOTS of details.

20. HOTEL PLYMOUTH / ADJACENT TO RADIO CITY -(Postmarked 1950/ 1 cent stamp and "Apply Now- Coast Guard Academy Entrance Examination") Nice artistic rendition of Hotel, cars and guests with Radio City placed in foreground. Very Art Deco looking card (vertical) with no flaws.

21. HAYDEN PLANETARIUM, 81st ST AND CENTRAL PARK WEST, NYC -(Postmarked 1946/ 1 cent stamp) Very good color/ tinted card without flaws. Sharp and clean.

22. METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART, NYC -(Postmarked 1937/ 1 cent stamp and "Buy US Savings Bonds, Ask Your Banker") Good color/ tinted street-level view of Museum and a few old cars out front. (@1930) Card has been bent in middle vertically and there is some "scrapbook page" residue on address side over letter and stamp parts-)

23. ECHO BRIDGE, CENTRAL PARK, NYC -(Postmarked @ 1915/ 1 cent stamp) Very good EARLY scene with one gent and two ladies in turn-of-the-century clothing walking down path toward Tunnel and Bridge. No faults in card! No border-

24. BLACK BEAR CUBS, NY ZOOLOGICAL PARK -(Never used Dates @ 1910) Great color/ tinted PHOTO card showing 2 young boys (One @ 4 years old wearing white knicker outfit and straw hat and his older brother in gray wool suit and cap-) and cubs in wicker basket. Some wear at corners and slight bend at right, center of card. No border. Overall sharp details and vibrant color!

25. PELHAM PARKWAY, ENTRANCE TO BRONX PARK, NYC - (Postmarked 1939, no stamp) Good color/ tinted view of Park Entrance with fountain and a couple of old cars to side. Notation on address side of card places photo scene as 1911. Very slight wear around edges. No border-

26. EBBETS FIELD, BROOKLYN, NYC (Postmarked 1918/ 2 cent stamp) Nice color/ tinted card showing the main corner entrance and stadium with newsstand, (Standard News) policeman and his horse, several old cars and fans heading for the days game. Card has been bent and has some wear in center of picture, but still has very good detail.

27. OPENING DAY 1953 AT YANKEE STADIUM -(Postmarked 1953/ 2 cent stamp) Good color/ tinted aerial view of Stadium, infield and crowd. Caption on address side: "Jehovahs witnesses Overflow Yankee Stadium!" Very good, overall condition. Funny!

28. THE AUTOMAT AS FAMOUS AS THE NY SKYLINE ITSELF -(Unused- Dates @ 1940) Split Scene color/ tinted card in great condition. Shows THREE views: Skyline/ Front of Horn & Hardart (Times Square) /Section of Automat Machines! No flaws- Brings back the memories!

29. STATUE OF LIBERTY ON BEDLOES ISLAND IN NY HARBOR, NYC -(Postmarked 1953/ 2 cent stamp) Very good color/ tinted card with elevated view overlooking Miss Liberty and surrounding areas. Orange border- No flaws.

30. STATUE OF LIBERTY "PRIDE OF NY HARBOR" -(Not mailed, no stamp, message written) EARLY (@ 1914) color/ tinted card (vertical) looking up at Miss Liberty from the Base. BI-PLANE in flight next to statue! Foreground has period flag and pole. Left, top border is missing and left, lower border has bend. Details are very sharp!

31. NY SKILINE FROM GOVERNORS ISLAND-(UnusedDates @ 1935) Very fine color/ tinted view with NYC Skyline, docks and boat. No border. Sharp detail! Slight wear at bottom corners.

32. GOTHAM NATIONAL BANK BUILDING FROM AEROPLANE/ COLUMBIA CIRCLE AND CENTRAL PARK, NY -(Postmarked 1923 with "Address Your Mail With STREET And NUMBER") Good color/ tinted card (vertical) showing areas mentioned in Title. Slight wear at corners and one small bend at top.

33. BROAD ST. AND THE CURB BROKERS, NY -(No postmark on stamp, has message-) Very EARLY color/ tinted card.(vertical) View is looking down on the Wall Street / Stock Exchange area. (@ 1912) Throngs of people and cars in middle of street, as well as on sidewalks. Left, top corner has very small piece missing and slight staining across top border. Good overall condition. Hard to find!

34. THE LITTLE CHURCH AROUND THE CORNER, NYC -(Unused- Dates @ 1935 by Mainzer) Very good color/ tinted card (vertical) showing Church, with Empire State Bldg. in background. No border, no title on front. No flaws!

35. TIMES SQUARE, NYC-(Unused- Dates @ 1939) Very good color/ tinted card with great view! Clear details of Bonds (Two Trouser Suits and 2 large nude women statues on roof-), Hotel Astor, Loews State theater, Whelans and LOTS of cars, people and buses. Bustling! Orange border with top, right corner missing. (Doesn't detract from enjoying the picture!)

36. TIMES SQUARE AT NIGHT, NYC -(Unused - Dates @ 1943) Excellent color/ tinted card showing MANY Theaters/ marquees on both sides of the street,(Vaudeville, Mayer, Loews State, Astor, Capitol-) Huge neon displays, (Four Roses, Chevrolet, Planters Peanuts, Camels, Maxwell House Coffee, Coca Cola-) and a Big ad for "Life with Father" on one side of the Astor too! Loads of great cars, trolley, etc. No flaws! You'll love this one!

37. PARAMOUNT AND TIMES BUILDINGS, TIMES SQUARE, NYC -(Postmarked 1941/ 1 cent stamp and "Buy US Savings Bonds, Ask Your Postmaster") Good color/ tinted (vertical) card with elevated view looking down at a very busy street scene. LOTS of cars, bus, trolley, people and action! Hotels Claridge and Astor in foreground. Notation by sender in bottom, right border "Our hotel was right on this corner". Bend in left, right border corner. Overall sharp detail and color.

38. UNITED NATIONS BUILDING, NY, NY -(Unused Dates @ 1955) Very good color/ tinted across river at Manhattan skyline with the UN Building in center. Orange border. No flaws.

39. LAUREL HILL AND NY SKLINE AS SEEN FROM THE NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE -(Unused- Dates @ 1954) Good, clean card showing view as if taken from back seat of car on turnpike. Great old truck and several cars. No border. No problems-

40. WASHINGTON ARCH, NYC -(Unused- Dates @ 1915) Good, early color/ tinted card with street-level view of the Arch, circle of park benches, people and cars. Overall clear detail and rich color. One tear close to lower, right corner.

41. BROOKLYN BRIDGE AND SKYLINE, NYC-(Unused- Dates @ 1940) Excellent color/ tinted card with docks and ships to left, foreground with Skyline, bridge and more docks across river. Lots of detail and vivid color. No flaws!

42. SKYLINE OF DOWNTOWN NYC -SEEN FROM HUDSON RIVER-(UnusedDates @1940) Excellent color/ tinted card shows NYC Skyline with large cruise ship and river in foreground. Clean and sharp. No problems-

43. SUNKEN GARDENS AND FOUNTAIN FRONT OF RCA BUILDING-(Postmarked STATION G 1941 with INDUSTRY AGRICULTURE FOR DEFENSE STAMP) Very good color/ tinted card showing famous fountain and several tourists (2 are soldiers-) marveling at it. No flaws-

44. METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE BUILDING, NYC-(Unused- Dates @ 1935) Good color/ tinted (vertical) card with elevated view of building, corner and streets below. Many tiny cars with trolley tracks. Slight wear at edges of border and corners. Overall good, detailed card.

45. RITZ TOWER BUILDING- PARK AVE. & 57TH ST.-(Unused- Dates @1932) Very good color/ tinted (vertical) card. Elevated, corner view of building with early cars and people on streets below. Great detail and color. Some wear at corners of border.

46. THE BUSH TERMINAL SALES BUILDING, NYC-(Unused- Dates @ 1920) Very good color/ tinted (vertical) card with elevated view of building and many of the adjoining ones, including Hotel Knickerbocker. Lots of people of fronting sidewalk and several early cars. Sharp detail and vivid color. Slight wear at border corners.

47. METROLPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART-Bldg. Only-(Unused- Dates @ 1935) Great condition color/tinted card with view looking along side of Musuem.

48. LITTLE CHURCH AROUND THE CORNER-(Unused- Dates @ 1935) Perfect condition color/ tinted card with slightly elevated view of Church, entrance cupola and surrounding city buildings. Vivid and sharp!

49. SKYLINE FROM UNDER BROOKLYN BRIDGE-(Postmarked 1945 / 1 cent stamp) Good color/ tinted card showing skyline @ 1935. A few ink and postal cancellation marks on face, but very good color and detail overall.

50. ROCKEFELLER CENTER-(Unused- Dates @1935) Excellent overall color/ tinted (vertical) card. View looks across at main building and down on garden, plaza and surrounding real estate.

51. ROCKELFELLER CENTER AT NIGHT-(Unused- Dates @ 1935) Excellent overall color/ tinted (vertical) card with very similar view to card above.

52. PUBLIC LIBRARY 5th and 42nd- (Unused- Dates @ 1940) Great color/ tinted (vertical) card of NYs famous library. LOTS of cars, people and even a double-decker bus! Empire State Building is also seen in near distance. No faults with this!

53. CONSERVATORY-BOTANICAL GARDENS, BRONX PARK- (Dated 1920 /1 cent stamp) Nice, early color/ tinted card. Has postal cancel marks in sky area, but does not interfere with building, flowers, etc. Slight bend in upper right border corner.

54. BOTANICAL GARDEN MUSEUM, BRONX PARK-(Postmarked 1906/ 1 cent stamp) Good color/ tinted card with glitter highlights! Shows Museum with horse and buggy along front drive. Has light postal mark to left of building plus some stains in bottom/ letter border and along edges. Very good color and detail.

55. BOAT HOUSE, CENTRAL PARK-(Postmarked 1911/ No Stamp) Very good color/ tinted card showing Boat House, lake and many boats and people! Slight wear at edges, but overall clean condition. No border-

56. BOAT HOUSE, CENTRAL PARK 2-(Double Postmarked 1906 / 1 cent stamp) Wonderful color/ tinted card with glitter highlights! Water-level view of boat house plus lots of boats, boaters and people waiting in line. Has light postal mark in sky area and wear along edges, light stains on bottom/ letter border. Excellent color and detail!

57. CENTRAL PARK BOAT POND, TEMPLE BETH EL-(Postmarked 1912/ 1 cent stamp) nice color/ tinted card with overall good color and detail. Was bent in right side/ corner. Some wear around edges. No border-

58. SOUTH ENTRANCE TO PROSPECT PARK, BROOKLYN-(Unused- Dates @ 1910) Very good color/ tinted card with couple in horse-drawn buggy and lovely Spring day. Slight wear around edges. Sharp detail and vivid color. No border-

59. SHELTER HOUSE, PROSPECT PARK, BROOKLYN-(Postmarked 1908/ 1 cent Stamp) Wonderful color/ tinted card with view standing on cobblestone drive showing outdoor restaurant, fountain and nearby Victorian building. Postal markings in front, but does not cover any main features. Some wear along edges. Vivid color, sharp detail! Has bottom border/ letter area-

60. NEW HOME OFFICE BLDG OF NY LIFE INS.-(Unused- Dates @ 1920) Great Lumitone (Sepia) tinted (vertical) card. Very ornate building! No problems-

61. GRAND CENTRAL STATION-(Unused- Dates @1920) Excellent Lumitone (Sepia)tinted card showing corner/front view of Grand Central and along one side of building. Lots of old cars and people- Great overall card!

62. BROOKLYN BRIDGE SUBWAY STATION-(Unused- Dates @ 1910) SPLIT VIEW color/ tinted card shows exterior of Station with lots of people on top plus inner subway looking down track at front of train with waiting people on platforms below top view! Excellent color and detail! No faults- No border.

63. BROOKLYN BRIDGE AND WOOLWORTH BLDG-(Unused- Dates @ 1920) Fantastic color/ tinted (vertical)card looking up at the bridge from water level as if in a boat. Several tugs and partial skyline featuring the Woolworth Bldg. are seen at far shoreline. Sharp detail and good color! No faults-

64. MUNICIPAL AND WOOLWORTH BLDGS.-(Unused- Dates @ 1915) Vintage color/ tinted (vertical) card with view from North River showing tugboat in foreground, several ships along docks plus title and surrounding buildings on shore. Some tape residue at top corners, but overall great color and detail!

65. ST. REGIS HOTEL-(Unused- Dates @ 1905) Very good color/ tinted (vertical) card shows Hotel and lots of horse-drawn vehicles and people in street! Bottom border only- has small rip and wear there. Great detail and color-

66. WALL STREET-(Postmarked 1909 / 1 cent Stamp) Great early color/ tinted (vertical)card with view from street level. Shows many people and horse-drawn vehicles in foreground with more famous buildings in rear. Has bottom border with letter. Overall excellent condition!

67. STOCK EXCHANGE and OFFICE OF MESS. JP MORGAN & CO.-(Unused- Dates @ 1910) Early color/ tinted (vertical) card with close view of title buildings plus many people on sidewalks. Severe bend across center of card, but has great detail and color. Bottom border-

68. NEW MUNICIPAL BLDG.-(Postmarked 1913 / 1 cent Parcel Post stamp) Good color/ tinted (vertical) card with slightly glossy finish. Elevated view looking straight across at building. A few people and early vehicles below on street. Light postal mark along left, front of card face. Some wear along edges. No border-

69. NYC, FLATIRON BUILDING -(Postmarked 1912 / 1 cent stamp) Wonderful color/ tinted (vertical) card with elevated view looking down street towards Flatiron Bldg. Park to left of streets. Lots of people, cars and trolleys! Card has bend in lower, left area. Sharp detail and good color. No border-

70. VIADUCT, ST. GEORGE, RICHMOND BOROUGH (Postmarked 1910/ 1 cent stamp) Very early B & W PHOTO showing Viaduct, bridge, trolleys and early trains in foreground! Postal markings on upper part of card. Very small bends in corners. Overall sharp detail! No border-

BOOKLET(1) NEW YORK CITY-METROPOLIS OF THE WORLD-(Unused) 18 great color/ tinted postcards circa 1940. Views include City College, NYC, 42nd St. East of 6th Ave., St. Patrick's Cathedral, The Empire State Bldg., Triboro Bridge,(A 3-Armed Bridge Giant) Temple Emanu-El, NY Skyline at Night looking under Brooklyn Bridge, Radio City Music Hall, The Chrysler Building, a BUSY 5th Ave. Scene, Times Square and MORE! Great overall condition, sharp details and vivid color!

BOOKLET (2) SOUVENIR OF NEW YORK, NY-(Unused) Dates from @1935. Great collection of color/ tinted postcards with all the best known and loved landmarks! Outer "Mailing" cover is worn a bit, but all the inner cards are like new!

BOOKLET (3) NYC World's Fair 1939! Great condition with 16 assorted views of the fair!